Does Infusionsoft integrate with 8x8 (hosted telephone platform)

I want to integrate Infusionsoft with 8x8 which is a hosted telephony platform for screen popping predominantly. Can it be done and what do I need?
Thank you

I wanted to know the same thing. So here you all go! Its very easy and no Zapier integration is needed.

In the 8x8 Work app, go to Settings > Caller info Pop-up

There you can create a URL that will launch Keap/Infusionsoft in a browser window and pass the phone number as a variable. However, the only URL I can find that this can work from is the Search contacts URL.

This is the URL you’d use in your 8x8 Work app: You’ll need to add your own unique Keap ID after https:// and before the

https://[Your Keap ID]

Set 8x8 Work app Caller Info Pop-up Format to [Original Format] for best results.

Update to the previous post. Keap Search WILL find the number in Phone 1 or in Phone 2 from an 8x8 pop-up. Its critical to set the 8x8 Work App’s Caller info pop-up Caller number format to: Original Format for it to properly format for Keap Search. It does work however using this method very reliably.