Hi, has anyone managed to integrate an internet based phone system with infusionsoft?

We’re using 8x8 internet based phone system, and have been told that it should integrate with Infusionsoft to look up contacts from our database and identify who is calling. The developers at 8x8 have told us they just need search URLs from infusionsoft, but had no luck when contacting the helpdesk.

Has anyone else managed to do an integration, and if so how did you go about it.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘search URLs’ so can’t advise on that.

However we’ve used both Invoko, turboDial and Macanta in the past so yes its dooable.

You might want to aim them at devlopers.infusionsoft.com where the devs can see all the API info.

Sorry couldn’t help more


Thanks Andy, any help is appreciated. I’m not that sure myself about the URL thing, as I’m getting second hand info from our phone provider.

Will give the developers a try.