Phone System that works with infusionsoft

Hi i am looking for a business phone system that has the following requirements. These requirements are non negotiable if all these requirements are not available from your company or a reasonable alternative you need not contact us.

  1. We must be able to keep the numbers we are assigned even if we terminate our contract with your company at no further cost to us. So we can move the numbers to another provider within 14 days without a cost for doing that. The numbers must belong to us.

  2. We must be able to get geographic numbers in Australia that will be Sydney numbers, we need New Zealand numbers from Christchurch or Auckland. We need toll free numbers from the USA and the UK with the ability to show our vanity numbers we already have when we call out from them.

  3. The numbers must not have been used or advertised elsewhere. And if they are geographic numbers they must show the correct geographic locations when our clients receive calls from those numbers or they will be rejected by us and another number will need to be provided to replace it.

  4. We require all toll free numbers to be sms capable. With bulk sms provisions. All geographic numbers do not require sms capability but would welcome it if at all possible.

5.We require infusionsoft by keap integration so we can use our crm more effectively and schedule bulk or individual SMS.

6.We require an iPhone and andriod application to keep our agents connected to all the numbers for all the brands. If you just have a web application this will not work for our needs as our agents are on the road a lot.

7.We need the application to show on the mobile app screen when someone is calling. We need to see their caller id plus a name for the number they are calling us on, for example if the client called +123456789 I would want to see brand3USA as well as their normal caller id that way we can tailor our greeting when we answer the call. We cannot remember all the numbers that we have so the ability to show what brand and country that the client has dialed or selected on an IVR is a must.

8.There must be an automatic greeting or ivr before the call comes through.

  1. We require call recording on every call with an opt out button for customers that would like the recording to be turned off.

  2. We need the ability to forward or transfer calls to other agents plus the ability to have calls routed to other uses based on if they are online or not or hours of work etc.

  3. We do not want calls to be forwarded to our mobile numbers only be forwarded to our mobile applications.

  4. when someone calls out on a number we have changed to show one of our vanity numbers we already have we want to see in the call logs that it came from the vanity number some how with a name identifier not just a number because we will not be able to remember 30 plus numbers and what brands they belong to.

If you can provide all of the above please contact us. If you can not we appreciate your time to read this.