Is anyone using a soft phone type dialer that integrates with infusionsoft?

I am looking to integrate a dialer into our infusionsoft. So that our outbound slaes reps can work from within infusionsoft.

Two of the most popular:

I personally like TurboDial. It is the “original” and seems to work very well. I have a client with 25+ dialers on it and it is solid.


Does TurboDial have the capability for Outbound recording of the calls? I see that it does for inbound calls.

Yes, they have both a ‘call’ and a ‘call and record’ button for outbound.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 10.46.28 AM.png


Thanks, Jeff


any updates on options here? I see… any others?

I don’t know if any others that natively integrate. Using Make you can integrate call results for many more, but for in-app calling I think this is it.


Hi @Liam_Austin, just for your reference I know that JustCall does its job and is reliable.

A possible future alternative is Aircall (, but you will need to contact them if they have plans to support Keap. They seem to support several other CRMs without a problem.