How to add 'call' button near the contact phone in 'manage contact' form

is there any tutorial about how to make a ‘call’ button which will launch my telephony software which will handle a call?
I’ve seen many integrations from telephony software to Infusionsoft but I didn’t find any tutorial on how to do this.
Can someone please help me?

It will depend on what you are using but as an example, Skype I believe has a browser plugin that allows you to just click on the phone number and open skype to dial. What call tool are you using?

Yes, I understand that.
But what I meant is does Infusionsoft API provide some kind of help with this?
I mean not just to develop a browser plugin which will search for numbers on all browser tabs, but to have some ‘native’ way to call from Infusionsoft browser tab using third-party dialer (our telephony).

I use telephony product developed by out team.

No, the api does not have any methods for interacting with the interface itself. It is purely backend data.