Scoring Leads more intuitively?

I’ve been learning a little more about lead scoring recently and have come to realise its limitations. While you can assign a point score gain on email opens, link clicks, etc, you can’t specify which emails or links you want to be considered.

This might not be an issue for a lot of people, particularly in campaigns where the emails sent are fairly similar. My concern comes with contacts receiving lots of points while interacting with emails that are not massively ‘nurturing’.

Somebody who opens and clicks a link on 5 emails, all of which are purely informational and not closely related with the product/service I’m trying to promote, should not have the same score as somebody who interacts in the same way with 5 sales emails.

I understand that tagging is a good way around the vagueness of gaining points for email opens and clicks, but when you consider how many tags they would need to maintain a system with so many sales emails, it’s a clear breach of best-practise.

I’ve made up a way around this myself where a ‘flame’ tag is assigned for an email in particular I want to award points for clicking on. When the flame tag is applied, the contact goes into a sequence where they will receive a ‘Flame 1’ tag and the ‘flame’ tag is removed.

Gaining another ‘flame’ tag at another point in the campaign will enter them into the flame-campaign once again and a decision diamond will recognise they have ‘Flame 1’ already and move them into a sequence that gives them the ‘Flame 2’ tag, removing ‘Flame 1’ in the process.

This repeats as they until they reach 5 flames and an action is triggered. The limitations are being unable to remove flames without the addition of a new structure but otherwise it works.

Is there any changes I could make to this structure, do any of you see any problems with it? Also, will greater functionality regarding lead scoring be coming in the future?

I’d love to be able to assign each email with a ‘Lead Scoring Profile’ in which I choose how much an open, link click etc, is worth.

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