Leadscores - adding extra activities

How do we add another Activity into Leadscores? Can if be done and if so how?

I’m afraid that doesn’t give enough information. What do you mean when you are asking about ‘activity into leadscore’?

At the moment we can add a tag or an activity like clicked link or opened email. We want to add other activities like opened a specific link - hope this makes sense?

So in effect, you can score for anything that you have a campaign goal to trigger with. So webform/internal form submissions, product purchases, quote status’, tasks completed, notes applied, api goal completed, opportunity stage moves etc… you would do this by raising unique tags immediately after each type of goal and then set your lead score to advance by whatever number you wish when that specific tag is raised.


Hi John,

Yes all understood but can you add an activity rather than a Tag for an activity? Infusionsoft has some standard activities but we want to add more.

It sounds like you are under the impression that you can add activities (actions) to leadscoring. Activities for leadscoring are triggers to affect the score, not something that happens when the score changes or is at a certain point. To accomplish that you have to use the leadscore goal in campaign builder.

Hey, @Sarah_Elliott. What would be an example activity that you would add to this list? Maybe we can figure out a workaround using tags to accomplish what you are looking for.


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No, you cannot add your own activities to this list for leadscoring.

However, as John and Marty are indicating, you can create a work-around by associating tags with specific actions through your app, and then using those tags to create scoring criteria.

For example, if certain links are more important than others, then you can apply a baseline rule for ANY link click being +5 pts, but then on specific links add a “5+ pts” tag as well, so when that tag is applied they get an additional 5 points (10 total). I’ve used that to weight certain forms and links.

Hope this helps!