Accessing lead scoring rules via API

I’ve been trying to access either lead scoring rules or activity history and have been unable to find a way.

Is there a method to get to those data via the API?

I have no problem getting to tags (groups, $contact->Groups) used in the lead scoring rules, but the activity items have been elusive.

Is there hope?


We use leadscore goals to raise tags. It’s really the only way I’ve found to do it.


Thanks for the quick reply. Our requirement is to export the flame value to our external CRM.

I’m very new to the Infusionsoft API, is there any chance you could point me in the direction to extract leadscore goals?

Hi @Chuck_Lima, if you need to get the current flame value for each contact, you could create a new saved search that includes the lead score (flame) column, then use the XML-RPC call SearchService.getSavedSearchResults (docs here) to get the saved search results.

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Thanks a ton! I’ll give that a whirl.

— EDIT —
I’m confirming that getSavedSearchResults did the trick. Thanks again!