Manually Change Lead Score?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering how to change a contact’s lead score? Or in other words, give or take away a contact’s “flames.”


Hi @Drew_Gray. I have a little information that might help with this. As there isn’t a way to just click and change a specific contact’s lead score, it will need to follow your leadscore criteria.

Here is an article from the Infusionsoft Help Guide, that goes through a simple way to set up some manual lead source tags, that can be used to “manually” change the lead score, of a contact.

Basically, you will create a series of Lead Score +/- tags, and create specific lead source criteria rules, surrounding them. As these tags are for manual use, the contact would not receive any of them, in any standard automation process, and will only be applied, manually, by a user.

Thanks for the link James.

I followed the instructions on the page and unfortunately the score is not changing… I guess I can always just filter based on which tag I assign but I’m not sure why the other method isn’t working.

Drew, I took a quick peek into your application, and can see that the Lead Score criteria isn’t currently set up, and your user profile does not currently have the permissions to access this area of CRM>Settings, for setting up scoring criteria.

Part of the tutorial I sent is creating tags, the other part is creating lead score criteria that will change a contact’s lead score, based on these tags being applied/removed.

You may need to work with your admin, or have them enable the permissions to access these settings, if you want to try the method I recommended, from the help tutorial.

Hi @Drew_Gray,

Leadscores can’t directly be changed but they can be indirectly affected and with the right planning, fairly predictable. Leadscores are a calculated product of two things in Infusionsoft. First, values set to assigned items like an email link getting clicked or scheduling an appointment, will increase the leadscore by that amount. Second, how that shows in terms of number of flames will be based on the value for 5 flames you assign in it’s settings. So if 5 flames is equal to 25 points then each flame trigger in 5 point increments. Planning this out as part of your sales funnel design will give you a much more predictable and therefor reliable result.

As others have mentioned here, LeadScoring is a valuable concept that can be used to filter through your database to find the leads that are most likely to engage.

I recommend keeping a set of Manual tags (like +50 and -50), so that you can easily dial up or down a score depending on a personal interaction you may have with that person.

But for a general best practice in setting this stuff up, I usually steer people toward this article from Jordan Hatch: