Leadscoring with interest

How do i separate different type of interest of our customer. If i have understand right, leadscore only measure customer activity, not from where he/she is interested of. We have different brands with a different products. And i would like to know, from what category customers are interested based their email activity, webinar activity, blog reading activity, etc.

Lets put it in this way. We are sending series (5) of emails from two brand/products, and that activity is measured with leadscore. Two customer gets different product email. Both opens those emails 4 out of 5. I see flames going up, but how to tell different of interest?

How do i do that :slight_smile:

Tag those links! :slight_smile:

Add a unique tag to each email link so that you know all the products they are interested in based on the links they click. The tag would be added to their contact record, so you’ll know what they are interested in by looking at their record. And more importantly, you now have them segmented by interest and you can more accurately target your marketing strategies. You can also use tags to add them to other marketing campaigns based on their interests.


Thanks Martinc

I have to tag every email with different tag? There are no taglevel measurement or is there :slight_smile: Interest level should all so rice if person is in webinar or read our blog and order ebook, etc.

This way doing it i have to look how many tags person have. Make a conclusion of interest level of certain product, and tag that contact as a hot lead of that category…? This is manual LeadScoring :slight_smile:
And numbers of tags goes up like rocket…

I need different and automate solution for this. Is there?