Tagging Email Recipients Via In Email Actions

I’m curious what the best method would be for attempting to tag customers from within an email. I am considering asking my customers if they are interested in learning more in topics A, B, C, and D. I would provide them with a button to indicate yes, and my goal would be to have that button create a tag for the lead record within Infusionsoft. Ideally I would like it if the recipients did not have to leave the email when clicking yes on a given topic, so they could click a few topics and not be interrupted. I would then tag them according to whichever topics they select, and be able to email them about those topics in the future. I apologize if this is too involved of a question. I don’t know what to do and this feels like a really neat concept.

Hi, @Jonathan_Moysich. You could definitely add links that apply tags, but those links need a destination when they are clicked. The other option would be to send them to web form and allow them to check boxes for which topics they are interested in, then submit the form. There may be some trickery to have a link doesn’t open anything like an onclick event, but i doubt any email client would support it.

Thank you for your reply. I think that the webpage for selections is probably best. I was hoping for some trickery but I guess that is a little beyond what is possible in this case and maybe not any more productive than the webpage.