Are link click scores cumulative?

Are link click scores cumulative?

Someone who has clicked on 3 links recently is better lead than someone who has clicked on 1 but IS rule implies that any number of clicks in the selected period just counts as one and that is what seems to be happening.

Not very useful if this is the case.

Hi, @Nick_Bettes!

You may want to look into Scoring and set up your scoring rules to get what you’re looking for.
MainNav > CRM > Settings, and click on Scores in the left sidebar to view and set up your scoring rules.

You can set up rules based on a Contact’s Activity or Tags, assign how many points are added or subtracted, and set expiration.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of some of the ones I set up for our business.

More info here: Set Up Lead Scoring In Infusionsoft.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel.

I have rules set up ok. The link you suggested says that multiple webform completions just count as one so I’m going to assume multiple clicks just count as one as well.

Not great functionality.

Another possibility is to raise a tag with the link click. When raised, post out to one of the free tools like Novak Solutions to increment a custom field’s count and then remove the tag so it will continue to register.

John - thanks for the link to Novak - the maths tool will sort this problem - Nick

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