How do I setup a leadscore sequence?

How do I setup a leadscore sequence?

If you go under CRM - Settings - Scores, you can configure the criteria that you want and the scores to associate with that action, as well as determining what score will dictate “5 Flames”. These are all personal and variable, so I can’t really tell you what to configure, but based on your business needs, you can set it all up here. One thing to note that many people miss is the ‘expiration’ of the lead scoring points. Make sure you put an expiration on all lead score items. Otherwise, you could have someone who clicked on 5 emails over the course of 2 years and suddenly pop up as a ‘5 flame’ person. By adding the expiration date to the actions, you can ensure that they are taking the actions inside the timeframe you desire.

If you are looking to drive automation based on this, you can use a Lead Score Goal inside the Campaign Builder and choose whether you want the automation to trigger based on an increase or decrease in their flame level.

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I have a video on the basics :wink: