Rr.com emails

Anyone noticing their emails to rr.com email addresses (wi.rr.com, cfl.rr.com, etc) are now hard bouncing when sent thru infusion? I’m not having this issue when sending to these types of emails thru other email services or my own server. Infusion’s tech support is saying that *.rr.com emails are no good but I’ve contacted clients with those email addresses and they said that they haven’t heard anything about their email address being changed.


Have you heard any more about this?

We are having the same issue with .rr and roadrunner.coms. We heard that Spectrum is no longer supporting them but a few customers have called and been told that isn’t true and they say the issue is on the sender’s (our) end.

Ever email bounces so we’re left with little choice to unsubscribe at this point if they don’t give us an alternate email address.

Infusion’s stance is that rr.com emails are probably spam traps so they won’t attempt to deliver to them or whitelist the ones you can prove are paying customers and that’s their only email address. The only workaround I’ve found is to set up a gmail account and set it to autoforward to the rr.com email address and then send to that gmail email from within infusion (the client will need to confirm with gmail that it’s ok to forward emails to their rr.com account).