Rest Hook - fire and forget

I’ve been digging into the API in order to build our own reporting dashboard where we can report progress and current state leads etc against goals that have been set but unfortunately lack of some key data is hindering this process. If there was inclusion of when tags etc were applied to contact then this process would be a lot simpler - similar to how opportunity stages can have dates.

One solution is to try and use opportunities throughout our campaign the other is to experiment with Rest Hooks which if always connected could prove to be viable. But back in the real world there is always breakdown in connectivity so my question is, if using Rest Hooks and call to supplied callback server fails will this call be retried or at very least can I somehow query via API or other mechanism to check for failures and manually update our backend server?

Failed calls are retried for either 5 or 7 increasing time frames. The only time an endpoint will be considered invalid is if your server returns some 5xx error…in which case you can programmatically test for and renew if need be.

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