REST API - Do you have retrying policy for webhooks?

I couldn’t find any information about that in your documentation, and I think that is very important thing to properly and safely implement integration.

  1. When you servers send request to webhook’s url, do you check recipient server response?
  2. What happens when target server is unable to receive webhook request? - Do you retry request? - How many times, how often, how many attempts, etc.

For example, I know one very well documented retrying policy - About Webhooks

It would be great is such information will be available in REST API documentation.


Not sure of the retry policy but I believe if it’s not a 5xx server response (which will invalidate the url and require re-verifying) then some 4xx responses would be retried. Still, hold judgement on that until someone else can confirm the retry part.

+1 This would be great information to have in the docs.

We retry three times on failed resthook posts before discarding the request, and consider anything above a 300 or below a 200 a failure. I’ll look at updating the docs to reflect that.


Are these retries delayed somehow, or are performed immediately one after one?

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Thank you for asking about REST Hooks. The API Team drafted a policies document but forgot to link it from our API documentation or share it, here.

Please have a look at Rest Hook Documentation - Keap Developer Portal and let me know if it adequately covers the information you’re looking for.

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