Webhook server error invalidations

Hey all,

I read in documentation that webhook endpoint, once having been validated, can become invalid given certain conditions (server returns an error). I don’t see any specifics, however, on what error conditions might apply and it would be beneficial to account for, if possible, these conditions. Will they be invalidated only with 4xx server codes or any non - 2xx server code? Is it designed to invalidate based on what would be deemed as “hard” errors (eg 404 file not found) or possible transient errors as well.

Thanks for your input!

We consider active resthook endpoints to error out on < 200 or >= 400. You’ll have one retry for that set of record data, after which we discard it.

We mark a resthook endpoint invalid on a 410 (Gone) error code, after which it will not be sent data at all until revalidated.

You can view your established resthooks and their validation status via GET on /hooks. (docs)

Perfect. Exactly what I needed to know.

Thanks @TomScott!