REST Hook not firing

I have registered my url for both the company.edit and the contactGroup.Applied keys. I have also verified the url with the x-hook-secret. However, I have tried applying tags and changing company records by changing a field in our test environment and my url never gets called. Am I missing something??

Hi @scott.brickler,

I’ve not had a single registration fail yet. You’re getting a response back with status=verified (like the image below), correct?


Strangely about 20 minutes after I posted this all the responses came at once. Then after that they seemed to work without fail with the response coming in about 10-20 seconds after I made the change in Infusionsoft. Maybe there were a bunch in a queue?

We do two tiers of queues for resthooks, based on how prolific that particular record modification is. Most will process in batches at 30-second intervals, but high-throughput hooks will batch in 5-minute intervals.

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Is there a way to see the queues for rest hooks?

No, we don’t have any mechanism in place to view RestHook queues currently.