Contact Rest Hooks not working

From last few days contact.edit, contact.add and contact.delete rest hooks api are not working and all are verified in fact all contactgroups rest hooks are working. Anyone please help me out what’s wrong with the contact rest hooks.

Hi @Usama_Ayaz, we identified an issue that was preventing contact rest hooks from firing. You should see your contact rest hooks begin to fire within 30 minutes from now.

@Nicholas_Trecina From now contact rest hooks are working but contact api’s (add,update,delete) are not working.

Are you having trouble with adding, updating, and deleting contacts via the Rest API or XML-RPC? Can you provide some additional information such as error codes, error messages…etc?

@Nicholas_Trecina Thanks for your help. Last week we are facing some issue’s on updating and deleting contacts via XML-RPC api’s but now it’s working.