REST Hook frequency

I have a hook setup and working correctly but have noticed something in my testing.

I am paying attention to the opportunity.edit and opportunity.stage_move events. If I do a stage move, the edit and move hooks happen within about 30 seconds generally, which is fine.

However, if I do 2 stage moves on the same opportunity in quick succession, only the first move/edit comes through the hook, the second did not. I tried waiting for about 20-25 minutes to see if it would come through delayed, but it never did. I then went and did another single stage move and that one came through within 30 seconds. (as of writing this it has been almost an hour and the second still never came in)

How does REST handle events that are triggered in quick succession on the same Id? Is there some sort of throttle that if the same Id comes up twice quickly it only sends the first?

I thought maybe both moves from the quick succession test would come through in a single response since there is the “object_keys” part that suggests multiples could come though (REST Hooks Event batched), but I checked the data received and there was only the one. If they are both from the same opportunity does it not send the same key twice in one response? Even though the timestamp would be different?