Reset/Deselect Radio Button Fields


We send out a customer satisfaction survey to new and existing customers. Currently, the survey has radio selection buttons. In order to resend the survey to existing customers when they use our services again, we need to reset the form. We have action sets in a campaign that reset fields to N/A however the radio buttons do not reset.

Does anyone know a way of resetting the buttons after the form has been submitted? Essentially we want to achieve the following:
Customer completes survey > data is recorded in Infusionsoft and report sent to Customer Service Manager each week > field/form reset to 0 > resend the form if customer re-uses our service.

Hi there Katie,

Based on the language you are using I am going to assume you are using a webform?

If so then you will need to navigate to the webform inside campaign builder, open it up, and head to settings at the top of the page. It should be the third tab along!

Here you need to un-check the box that reads “Auto-populate this form with a Contact’s information when visited from an Infusionsoft-delivered email.” under Auto-populate Form.

Any data input will over-write what is currently stored though, so just be aware of that!

Please let me know if this is an insufficient answer.


Such a simple solution! Thank you, it seems to have worked upon testing.