Research an empty field

Hi there,

I have been trying to make identify contacts that have empty fields - for instance, contact with a missing city on their contact record. What would be my best bet?

The easiest way to search for contacts with empty fields is to go to Contacts > Misc Criteria Tab > Scroll down to “Data Exists” and there is an option to select from most of the standard fields and “Doesn’t have a value.” It doesn’t include custom fields, but you can go to the Custom Fields tab and choose a field and then select “Doesn’t include” and then in the field try an underscore " _ " which is a wildcard.

You can also run Legacy action sets with rules - but the way above may be your easiest bet especially for something like city.

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Great - thanks for the answer Cheryl.

Now what I was really trying to do is classify my contact per mini geographical zones within a main city.

What I’ve done is create a campaign that apply a ‘zone tag’ to my contacts depending on their suburbs. I’ve broken down the city in 13 zones, each zones has about 10 suburbs. I’ve used a decision diamond to decide which tag to apply.

Now the issue come when the contact’s “city” field is left blank or if the suburb hasn’t been entered correctly (typo) - I was hoping to create a 14th sequence that catches all those mistakes or blank field.

Hope this makes sense? Any ideas?

I was very glad that you highlighted that “Data Exists” option. Now I walked in today and just figured that they finally have enabled the check for empty / filled field directly on the field when searching. I might have been blind, but I think this is fairly new…

It’s been in place for a while but it’s seldom talked about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

right, I rememberd, I was actually desperately looking for this option in a decision diamond, unfortunately still not there…