Is there a way to use Advanced Search to find contacts with an empty date field?

We use a few different date fields to track when certain events happen and trigger various campaigns based on these dates. Is there a way to create a Saved Search to pull when a date field is empty? If yes, how?

Yes. Go to Contacts and start a search.
Under ‘custom fields’, go to the custom field you want to search for and choose the option “does not contain content” (or something like that) and it will run a report for those people with that field blank.



I’ve submitted that as a wish list item to the developers. Unfortunately, for a date field these are the options. image

Yes - sorry … answered you ‘pre-coffee’ this morning and forgot that date fields didn’t have that option.
The other way would be to run a full report of all contact, export with contact ID, sort by that date, delete anyone with a date in the field, then ‘data cleanup’ and upload the remainder. When asked at the end, say that you want to apply a tag and apply a tag of “field empty” or something.



Thank you. Yes, this is the manual process I’ve been using as a workaround. It’s not reasonable to do this daily and delay lessens the impact of setting automation and/or dashboards. Hopefully this is a quick/easy ask for the developers.

I have a hack… not totally hands off but…

Create a tag called ‘Run Check’ and a tag called ‘Date Missing Tag’

Campaign builder

Tag Goal ‘Run Check’
Sequence - Remove Run Check Tag - Remove Date Missing Tag
Decision diamond into two sequences
Sequence one - Apply Date Missing Tag
Sequence two - Empty

Decision diamond can check if the date field is empty

You COULD then evergreen this to run say once a day only on the people that are currently empty on the date field, or alternatively when you WANT to know the answer just apply the tag to your entire contact list and wait a few mins

Hope that helps

Andy ‘heres a hack’ Wroe :slight_smile:

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