Check if a contact field is empty in a Decision Diamond on a campaign

Hello everyone. I’m looking to implement a system where we are using a 3rd party SMS provider to integrate text messaging functionality into infusionsoft. The integration is a simple HTTP POST Request which is sent to their server. As part of the POST request, the phone number associated with the contact is also sent.

The issue I’m having is that not all contacts have an associated phone number, unlike email addresses which are required when entering new contacts, phone numbers are optional. I want to be able to make a decision during a campaign based on whether the contact has a phone number associated with them or not. Here is a little demo campaign I set up to illustrate the problem:

Decision diamonds seem to only have access to the custom fields associated with the contact and not the base fields, and even then, there doesn’t seem to be any way to check for empty or null values to determine if the phone number field has been entered or not. Is there any solution to this that I’m missing? Any help is appreciated.


Hi James, I just want to make sure I am on the right track you are wanting to have the diamond move a contact based if there is or isn’t a phone number, is that right?

You can do that using an Action Set. The Action Set would apply a tag if no phone number is saved in the field. To do this you would create the Apply/Remove tag Action Set that has rules. Here is an example video and screenshot of how the campaign would look with screenshot of the steps.


You would create it to apply a tag, and check the box to only run the action when rules are met:

Click Add

Then set the criteria like this:

The sequence after the goal will use it:


Thankyou very much Amanda, this was exactly what I was looking to do!

Here’s a little video demo in case anyone stumbles onto this thread and is looking for another example: [DECISION DIAMOND HACK] Using an Action Set to Check for Spouse - YouTube


Thanks Greg, I needed this and the previous vide on how to do this in Infusionsoft is gone, so, thanks!

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