Checking for null values in decision diamonds

I need to check if a custom field (app2 surname) has been filled in to determine what email template to use
I can’t see anyway to check for nulls or not nulls in the decision diamonds.

There really isn’t a way to check for null/empty in decision diamonds. There are cases, where when a contact is created from an outside source rather than directly in the UI, that automatically setting the custom field to something like “(empty)” has been a work around, but that isn’t applicable in every situation.

Luckily the records are brought in via API so we can change nulls before they reach Infusionsoft - but it seems a very basic feature to leave out ?

Hi Steve,

There are 2 potential ways to do this type of filtering, although it’s not necessarily ‘easy’.

Option 1 - Within the Decision Diamond, set it up so that there is AND criteria and put each letter of the alphabet A-Z and potentially 0-9. Picture below.

Option 2 - Use a ‘legacy action set’. While most people might frown upon these, they actually have some uses that are not found elsewhere within the application. Easy filtering for ‘If Empty’ being one of them! Picture Below.

Of the two solutions, I prefer option 2 since the rules are a little easier to re-use.

Option 1:

Option 2:

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ok, so here is my challenge, I have a dropdown on a webform with 51 options, I will have to distinguish whether one of them or none were selected. Instead of doing a decision diamond with 51 ands, I was gonna do an action set checking for empty, however, it will obviously only run on those that are empty and the ones that have selected any option will be stuck in my sequence. Obviously I can’t run 2 action sets in parallel in a sequence either to check for both. Any other ideas?

Didn’t see this… You could make a huge legacy action set with 51 conditional actions. It’s a pain to setup the first time, but after that maintenance isn’t too bad.

hope it helps!

There are third party tools that fill in this gap.
The “Field is Blank” tool from Novak Solutions will tag contacts as they go through the campaign if the field you are looking for is blank.

Yes, that’s what we ended up doing, painful but it worked, I would guess it wouldn’t be too hard for IS to make this a standard feature though…

@Christoph_Dill, what did you finally end up with as a solution? Third party tool from novak solution, api guys et al? If you’d like to request a feature or improvement, the best place to make that happen would be to submit the request to

I used the legacy action set and a pretty huge decision diamond after that :frowning:

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Oh my :astonished:

Did you look at any of the online tools out there? Many have free options available.

Hopefully one day… but it’s been asked for since campaign builder launched… :sleepy: