Reports tool in Campaign Builder cooked

Hi gang,

I’ve recently seen some very strange results emerging from a long-running marketing campaign.

In the last two weeks the reports tool shows thousands of opens on our initial email, then zero reads on many of the subsequent emails. There has been no change in the logic - only cosmetics. The funny thing is some of the emails at the very end of the campaign (several weeks in) have plenty of opens and reads.

I’ve included three images below to show the funnel.

Any help would be wonderful!


Hey Tom, just to be clear, the images you shared, and the numbers on those images, are NOT reporting on opens/reads/clicks, those numbers are from the high level performance view of the campaign, which shows you where people are, or have been in your campaigns.

The individual performance metrics for the emails are available if you click INTO one of those sequences (double click on the blue number to dive one level deeper into the reporting), and then on the right side you should see opens/clicks as it pertains to each individual step.

You may already know this, but I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a misunderstanding in what this data was representing!

Hi Greg!

Thanks for the prompt feedback. For each of my problem emails they have sent 0 opened 0. There may be a reporting issue in our DB but for now it appears as though all our new users are receiving our introductory email and then nothing else :confused:!

Hmmmm, well that would certainly be a bummer. But there are a few possible explanations for this behavior.

Happy to help troubleshoot if I can. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the offending email, with the reporting indicating no one has received it? Or, if you have a screencast tool, that can be even better - a short video overview of what is leading you to this conclusion may help shed some light! I use and recommend Loom (it’s free).