Campaign builder reports

Why does clicking on Report data seem to take forever? It sits for 20 or 30 minutes returning nothing. Leaving campaign and going back in does not speed it up.

When you finally do get reporting, why does clicking a step to see the people in the step not work anymore? You used to click and it would go to a list of say 48 contacts on that step. Doesn’t work for me anymore.

Now I have a campaign where I did email click goal. It says 66 went into the email seq after the click goal. In there I created an email to myself to notify me of a lead to contact. I have gotten 7 emails. Not 66. In addition the reporting says it sent 11, not 66. I didn’t get 11, and definitely not 66.
AND of course I can’t click on the corner to see the list of contacts… bc that doesn’t work either.

Hi @Tim_Turner, thats REALLY odd, as reporting, whilst not instantaneous, doesn’t take that long for me.

Can I ask what browser you are using? Personally I recommend Chrome. I’d also try it (if in Chrome) in Incognito and see if you have some old cookies getting in the way.

Without physically seeing your app I can’t really say more, but it really sounds like a browser plugin/cookie issue