Referral tracking links and facebook opengraph

Has anyone used the facebook sharing tab when publishing a landing page in infusionsoft?
It uses facebook opengraph to insert an image of your choice, URL of your choice, etc., which is really cool
My issue is that I want to use this feature, but add in the referral tracking link. The opengraph stuff doesn’t show when I use a tracking link that points to that landing page.
In summary, how can my referral partners get their commission when sharing on facebook and make use of opengraph’s features?
Any ideas?

I have the same problem now. Have you find a solution?

Yeah I stopped using infusionsoft. Sorry that I couldn’t help you resolve it in any other way. There were a bunch of other reasons I had to move away from them. One thing you can try is have a temporary link first, which would have the correct opengraph info in the html of that page, then wait x seconds and take you to the infusionsoft page.