Can someone please share that Facebook link to infusions soft email?

Can someone please share that Facebook link to infusions soft email? Can’t seem to find that email.

I’m not sure I know what you are referencing. Can you share a little more detail? We may be able to track this down.

My CEO said he had an email that came across about linking Facebook leads to Infusionsoft. Make sense? I’m not certain.

I sent an email down to our marketing team to see if we sent something out recently that I could get some info from. I will follow up with you here when I hear something.

Appreciate that!
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Hey Sarah. The marketing team sent something up to me this morning. Is this what you are looking for?

"There are lots of reasons that paid ads on Facebook and Google don’t generate leads, and subsequently, don’t produce any or enough ROI.

The primary cause for this breakdown: running Facebook and Google ad campaigns takes time. Hours are spent creating ads, mapping customer journeys, A/B testing—then there’s the ongoing optimizations.

Clearly, this is a time-consuming process. One that we’ll take on for you so you can devote your time to other aspects of your business.

That’s why we suggest you subscribe to our Facebook and Google advertising services. We’ll create your ads, manage accounts, track results, and feed incoming leads into your Infusionsoft application.

By adding ad management to your Infusionsoft subscription, you’ll see more leads, better ROI, and free up your time.

Click below to explore your options.

I want more leads.

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Thank you so much!