Promo Discount Issue

Hi there, I have set up a product, order form and theme and have linked these together. There was a promo code on this product, but it has been deleted, but when I access the payment form - that promo code is still applying. Can you let me know where I need to go to fix this so the promo code is not applying. Thanks so much.

If the promo code was actually deleted from the system, clear your cookies before you go back to that order form and see if it’s still there. If it is still there, then it has not been deleted and you need to go under your promos and delete that promo code.

Hi @Peta_Gillian_Green - I’d also check that you don’t have the discount still being applied, the promo code would have just been the ‘criteria’ of the discount, so now, potentially, you are giving the discount to all.

All the best


Hi Andy, thank you. Checked and it was not applied. I cleared the cache and this fixed the issue.

Thanks so much, Peta

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