Promo code reflected at check out but charged full price

I occasionally have a buyer who says they inputted a promo code and the discounted price was reflected in the order summary. They typed in credit card info and purchased but then the receipt they received shows they paid full price and the order in the system also shows full price. Any idea what can cause a discount promo to reflect in order summary but work when the purchase goes through?

Hi, @Laura_Rupsis ,

I don’t think you’ll get much in the API Q&A forum so I’m going to move this to the IS/Keap questions forum.

I haven’t seen this myself and it may be something either intermittent or specific to your or a handful of apps but if anyone else has experienced it then they’ll chime in I’m sure :wink:

It may be an issue with them visiting the page and then revisiting.

Keap order forms are notorious for cache issues.

I think the mobile version is much better, but trying to test order forms with promo codes is really tough due to the cacheing. If you person visited the site, closed, then came back, they may enter the promo code but it may not be taking due to the cache.

Other option would be misconfigured promo code where something isn’t added to cart or something where the promo code wouldn’t take.

Only two things I can think of.


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That’ interesting. That may be it. WE do have folks who visit an order form to see the price but don’t pull the trigger then they see an promo come out and then revisit the order form and use the promocode on that second visit. That seems plausible to me.