Help with shipping / promo issues on order form / cart

Hi there. I offer one product, and have one promotion for free shipping if the buyer purchases three.

First we set this up with a promo code, but had to get rid of that because on the first page invoice, NOTHING happens when the user enters the promo code. There’s not even a message that says, “Thanks, your promotion will appear on the next page.” So people put in the promo code, and get all confused because, as I said, nothing happens when they enter the code. Not a good experience.

Then, we set up the code to be applied automatically if three items are in the cart. No code needed. The problem is as follows. The user hits the order form, and enters just one item to the cart. Then they go in, enter their shipping and billing info, and see the shipping option of $5 flat fee (which is correct), and then say to themselves, Hey I think I’ll do that buy three get free shipping option. They go back up to the quantity box, increase it to three, and then look back down at the shipping and totals.

Shipping now shows as $7.50. (which is correct if I wasn’t offering the free shipping promo).

The cart shows the total without shipping. so they think, I’m not choosing that shipping option, im supposed to get free shipping.

So they try to check out and get an error that says, Please select a shipping option. They are then FORCED to select that radio button for $7.50 shipping, not knowing that, when they do, the shipping will be immediately discounted for the promotion.

And that really stinks. It’s confusing.

The simplest answer seems to be to automatically have that radio button checked when they get to the cart page. There’s one shipping option showing. it should be checked.

That would solve the problem.

Can IFS make this happen?!?

Thank you!

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It’s a shame that no-one from Keap has responded to your post as I would like this issue sorted as well.

I also have a related issue with the shipping fees in relation to Promo codes which I would like an answer to:

  • My Shipping discount is - all orders over $125 shipping is $1 not $9.95
    My issue arises when a customer adds the promo code to a cart with say $130 of items in it the new order total might now be $65. But the shipping is being charged at $1 because of the original cart total.

What am I doing wrong?
Is there a setting that I am missing?
For the life of me I can’t find it… Please help

P.S. I have removed the shipping discount for now because it was costing me too much but I would like to add the discount back again if there is a way