Passing Merge Fields to a web page

I’m working with a QR Code reader that generates new QR Codes for my contacts within Keap. Each contact receives a QR Code based on a newly assigned tag. They receive a QR Code in their email by the tag trigger assignment. When the QR is scanned, I need results to return the basics along with custom fields I’ve created for each contact. So, I guess I’m looking for a way to pass merge fields as a result of the QR Code scan. Can any help me on this? Thanks!!

Hi, @Matthew_Caraway,

I’m a custom integrations specialist. Where I would start is to ask about the reader/qr generator. The name of the product and then I would need to see if they had an api or webhooks or some method for communicating that information (which it sounds like it does but I wouldn’t be sure until documentation could be read up on it). Then, having that, a process could be built with code that could update the contact record with whatever information was made available and the merge fields could then be used in emails and such.

Ok, so the next question then would be what are you looking to end up with…What I mean is I can see the qrickit domain but what is the end result from there…do they offer a page or other process that should populate or is it to update information in an account you have to log into and then you’re wondering how to retrieve it from there?

Normally, I would visually map out the flow of data first and then determine the points of exploit where information and processes are available and finally how to get it to it’s end goal/process. So the link will send that information to a script named qr.php but what does that script do from there and then what do you want to happen from that point moving forward?

That example link actually echo’s some un-readable characters so knowing it’s purpose would be the next step :wink:

Hi John, the link actually should look like a QR Code… created from Qrickit… TRY THIS. When you scan this QR Code, that is kinda the results I want to see, but not in a webform but rather the my InfusionSoft contacts information based on their typical merge codes such as Name, Email, Phone and then custom Merge Fields based on custom fields that were created for each contact. Take a look at the link and hopefully it’ll make more sense…


Hi John, I managed to set up an API from Infusionsoft using iSDK. Works pretty cool. However, I’m trying to pass existing contact information through the php test file that I have created. Trying to use InfusionSoft Merge Codes to do this, but I am not familiar with the merge code in php. Do you have a snippet to share with me so that I can display Contact First Name?

fields are both set and read via an array. so, depending on the method you’re using, an array of fields (by name) assignments would be made or an array of fields (by name) requests would be made.

$response=$app->dsQuery(‘Contact’, 1000, 0, array(‘Id’=>‘%’), $fields);

would read for example.