How to merge text stored in an Infusionsoft custom field onto a Wordpress page

How do we merge text stored in an Infusionsoft custom field onto a Wordpress page. For more context, this custom merge field will be synced from a Gravity Forms field.

If you are trying to sync the data TO the Gravity Form, then you can use a parameter at the end of the link that goes to the website.

So if you were sending someone from an Infusionsoft email out to your webpage that has a GF on it:

Above, your would swap out your gravity form field name and the custom field name from Infusionsoft. That will auto-fill the GF with the custom field data.



Thanks Jeff, sorry for any confusion. That’s not quite what we’re going for here.

After submitting our quiz here Quiz - The Adrenal ReCode, we want to know if it is possible to pass the #1 Health Complaint text (1 of 9 options) over to the results page. Here is an example of one of the results pages: where instead of EXHAUSTION we would like to use a merge field to generate the text. Hopefully that helps clarify?

It looks like Infusionsoft forms are not in play here at all … just Gravity Forms.
At the end of your Gravity Form, in the ‘Confirmation’ area, there is a place to choose ’text, url, page’

Choose the URL or Page you want and then check the box for ‘pass GF data’ to the page.

This will pass the GF field you want as a parameter to the confirmation page.

Use this process to add that dynamic content from the URL parameter you are passing (you could also search for a WordPress plugin that will do it):

Then, just pass the answer you want, and it will fill in your page with the right phrase.