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So our order form theme has been working fine for 4 years (with the same custom code as snippets below) but now when customers go to pay via our email click through link to order form, the following message keeps popping up when they try to submit payment … “please fill out the required field”. Despite that they have completed all the fields correctly. They cannot submit the order form as a result so cant make cc payment. We haven’t change any of the the html custom code which we have pasted below - which has worked well in past. Any ideas on why this is happening all of a sudden? Any thoughts on if any code below needs to be tweaked to improve would be appreciated…

HTML Areas:

Product Information Section:

Custom Footer Section:

Product Information Section:

Custom Footer Section:

There may have been some changes in what fields are required. Hard to say without looking. Post a link to the form and we can see what the form code is doing.


any code i paste here doest seem to show up. I have emailed you the code which may help you check / suggest improvements?

Thanks John

Any ideas on how to clean the html area code up would be really appreciated - that is what we are most interested in.

Despite one developer looking over it a few days ago telling me it is fine, IFS keep telling me the code is not fine (including this morning).

Customers were calling us between 8/4 - 12/4 telling us it doesn’t work for them due to the pop up asking them to complete fields.

This form theme with the same html code has worked well since 2016 for over 3000 transactions - we made no changes to it at all.

We only send the form to existing customers via email with a click through link to the IFS hosted order form - so the email field is hidden but pre-populated. Important to note for
any tests.

Order form link below: but this won’t have pre-populated email fields of course as you are not receiving via email as our customers do. We ran tests through the same process a customer
would experience in past 3 days and worked.


We don’t receive many payment this next few weeks so only receive one this morning which worked which is great. So not sure if it was a random glitch or not. As mentioned, Infusionsoft
told me again an hour ago it is a custom code issue. But hard to believe that given above.





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Hi, @Kyal_S,

if you can copy paste into a file and send it to me I can look.

Otherwise, if you paste your code here, then you have to highlight it and use the button I’ll highlight in the image below and it will wrap it in a code tag and will look something like this:



Hi John

HTML area code attached on notepad – let me know if any issues receiving it - thanks!



html area code order form theme.txt (1.33 KB)

One thing I didn’t ask about…What theme are you modifying. Not the most likely concern but it might matter. And the specifics on the product (one time charge I assume).

Also, the text you have that says “Do Not Change” on the first name is recursive which means it’s getting added repeatedly to the label (see image)


This usually means that it needs to be placed inside an ajaxLoad trigger.

Why is part of the code in a CDATA and the other not? It really shouldn’t need it regardless but I’m guessing there’s a reason just that part of code was wrapped in it?

/* Layout: One Column

Theme: Basic Gray

Thanks John!

Hi John

Touching base to see if you receive my email. Seems that we still have issue with customers not able to process any payments due to the message popping up “please fill out all the require fields”

If you can let me know how you would update the html code accordingly that would be appreciated.




Hi John

We are eagerly waiting and thanking you in advance. Really appreciate any support you can provide on this one with what the html code should read. thanks


Does this report to you that a specific field is required? Normally when a field is missing (as your OP message indicates it’s trying to say) it will tell you what field it is.

No it just states please complete all required fields

Something else seems to be happening and it’s hard to say what that might be. I tried you code verbatim and it worked without a hitch (except for the part where it duplicates that (do not change) part.

Thanks John

Many people still can’t make payments. When I test it, it works.

We still get 50% of customers not able to ph us online.

Do you think this is a code issue or an infusionsoft issue? We are noticing many bugs with infusionsoft in pst month so wouldn’t be suprised if this is another.

What do you suggest we do to fix this?

Advance support at IFS don’t want to help us which is disappointing.

Hi John

Do you have any experience with HTML Code? Are you able to tell if the HTML code is ok or not? And if this is a code issue or IS issue? If your test worked, shouldn’t this be back over to IFS to fix?

Sorry but we are desperate here and going round in circles and IFS haven’t helped us yet.

It may be possible that it only happens to some people using specific browsers but I am not sure.

Around half customers still experience this issue 20 days after it first started.

Any ideas on how to FIX this?

Hi, @Kyal_S,

The main thing about code is that it doesn’t change on the fly, meaning, if it works some times and not others then it’s generally due to something else. Otherwise the code would never work, not even once.

Hi JOhn - regarding the recursive text . Thanks for the tip about CDATA and Ajaxload trigger. Are you able to show me how the html code should look if meeting those requirements? I can then paste it into the html area and see if it stops the recursive text? cheers