IS Order Form - Is there a way to remove billing address section under Billing Information?

This order form will only be used in-house by my sales reps so there is no need for entering the customers’ Billing Information, such as street address, city, state, etc.

Is there a way to remove this from the order form. If so how?


Hi, @Timothy_Luong,

It can be done. It’ll take a little bit of javascript in your html area.

Hi @John_Borelli,

Thanks so much for responding. Where exactly do I go to access the code in my html area? There is currently nothing in my “HTML Areas” tab in my Order form.

I heard that even if I did modify with Javascript, if you attempted to ‘hide’ them via custom code, Infusionsoft wouldn’t allow the form to be submitted anyways without the billing address.

Is this true?

Thanks John!

Hi, @Timothy_Luong,

So there are a couple of options that I’ve done for clients but it depends on your details. Will the shipping information already exist if they’re being entered by sales reps (ie already exist on the contact record) or will they be new contacts?..I’m guessing both “may” apply?

The fields from the billing address can be used to automatically populate the shipping details even when they are hidden and then that would “bypass” the required field issue.

If the information will be present to begin with then hiding the field would not have any adverse affect.

The final option is just to setup default values for those fields and then just hide them anyway. Default value for address (for example) could be set to always use (Address1) and then if it is actually needed later, then it could be changed as you wish. This approach would again bypass the required field issue.

The one thing you can’t do is to remove the requirement. It’s not managed directly on the form but rather is checked on the back end of the server so there is no way to get around it being there, but you can creatively work around it.

Hi @John_Borelli,

Thanks for the info. I think we will stick with our sales reps collecting billing and shipping address from our customers.

For some reason, the IS support rep who I spoke to stated that Billing address collected has to match the address stated on the credit card. So even if we “bypass” the required field issue, it would cause some problems afterwards when we submit the payment - which we don’t want the headache to deal with.

Well, there is still the option of hiding the fields and making them match the billing fields on submit. That would avoid the redundancy. Isn’t there a check box to do that with one click on ship-able products though?

Hi @John_Borelli,

Leaving a note here that this situation was resolved.


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