Customize Order Form Billing Info

Two related questions…

First, I’ve launched a tripwire product and I’m pretty sure that the detailed billing information that the Order Form demands is driving customers away. I’m told that the only way to pare down that list of questions is to fiddle with the HTML.

However, Support has no idea how the HTML tab of the Order Form works. And also, Billing Information isn’t shown as a category in that tab.

How do I get access to an Order Form’s HTML so that I can remove some rows in the Billing table?

Second, Infusion offers no way to count how many times an order form as been viewed. This would be easy to do if I placed a transparent gif in the form, a gif on my domain. That way, Google Analytics could tell me how many times that gif has been loaded, which would provide the count I need.

Does anyone see a problem with that approach from an Infusion perspective?


Hey Charley,

I stumbled upon your question while trying to ask the same question you have – in regards to wanting to remove the detailed billing information. I do agree this drives customers away. I have also tried to reach out to Support and they told me they weren’t sure how to get rid of this billing information. So frustrating!

Were you able to get this question solved?