What's up with this "ShowLockDownOrderForm" thing?

I have a client that is beating his head against this “Lock Down Order Form” super strange feature.

If a customer fills out his order form and the gateway denies the credit card charge, then the client is sent to a “ShowLockDownoOrderForm” URL that shows the order form but doesn’t let them change their billing address and has a super super annoying Captcha (not just an annoying “type these letters” thing, but a complicated, click on all these images one).

Can anyone at Infusionsoft tell me why there IS a “Lock Down Order Form” page?? We kind of want our customers to be able to fix their billing information so that they can pay us… and a super annoying captcha… on an ORDER FORM!!! The whole idea here is to get rid of the barriers in front of our customers giving us their money - why in the world would we want this “lock down” feature?

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Yep - we’re seeing the same issue!

Can anyone at Infusionsoft comment on this?

@Jordan_Novak and @Louise_Hendon, Please give me the app name(s) in question or just link me to the order form and I’ll take a look with Support.

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Thanks @martinc, I just messaged you the details.

Just to update that I’m still working with some people internally about this. Haven’t forgotten about it :smiley:

Hi, I’m having the same issues and a ticket was opened with ASR to solve the exact same issue. Can you look into my ticket as well? Looks like you may have found a solution. @martinc

Over a year later this is still an issue. Can we please get this fixed?

Over 6 years now and this is still an issue with LockDownOrderForm when the billing address is not correct.