Order Form Scripts not Working

Scripts I use on order forms are no longer working. I use two scripts: one to bypass the first page of the order form and take the user directly to the real order form page, and another to automatically apply a promo code from the query string.

Both scripts stopped working in the last few days after having worked with no problems for many months. I have made no changes to either script. I suspect the April update to Infusionsoft is the cause.

The Infusionsoft support rep I chatted with said they don’t support custom scripts, and he didn’t know of anything in the April update that could cause the problem.

Have order form scripts stopped working for anyone else? Does anyone know what could be the cause?

Are we talking about javascript or php scripts?

Same here. It’s a Javascript that supposed to auto apply a promo code. It also stopped working a couple of days ago.

The scripts are on the order forms, not on a server, so they are Javascript.

So then the next thing I would ask/look at is to view the code of the resulting page and ensure that the script hasn’t been stripped out by Infusionsoft’s form code filters. This may have happened recently do to an update or something similar.

I was getting a link for you to an order form where scripts weren’t working, and now I see both scripts are working again. When a user originally reported the scripts weren’t working, I confirmed it on several browsers and on three different machines. Now the scripts are working everywhere.

I guess Infusionsoft fixed the problem. Thanks for your offer to help.

I am curious if Brendan_Yong’s script is working now too.