Paypal has stopped working

It’s Sunday so no chance for support.

Multiple customers are reporting Javascript errors when attempting to purchase with PayPal.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue and I’m not impressed. Seems I had to re-integrate my Paypal business account for some reason. NO NOTIFICATION from Infusionsoft that this had to be done, or why. Even after reentering all the details the Paypal button on the orderform still doesn’t work. And of course being Easter there’s no support. Just a bunch of angry customers emailing and messaging me about why I can’t fix the issue with Paypal.
I can see that they haven’t bothered to reply to your message after 7 days either.

Let me share with you what got it working for me, assuming you’ve upgrade that PayPal account.

For the shopping cart issue go to E-Commerce, E-Commerce Setup, Shopping Cart Themes.
Create a new theme.

For the order form issue go to E-Commerce, E-Commerce Setup, Order Form Themes.
Create a new theme.
Now go to E-Commerce, E-Commerce Setup, Order Forms.
Click on the theme for each order form and change it to your new theme.

I got an email Friday saying the product team is still working on the issue that shows the new PayPal buttons first (no KeapPay or WePay).
Same for order forms. Create a new theme. Then