Order form fields overwritten when using Paypal to checkout


I came across an issue today regarding the hosted order forms. When someone fills their billing information and chooses paypal to checkout all the fields are overwritten by the data received from Paypal.

So for a user having paypal account on a different email it creates a different user inside infusionsoft causing more confusion for the user. If someone sees it they can update the email address but in most cases everyone just clicks on the complete purchase button.

Tested it on a basic order form theme as well.

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We are seeing this as well. It’s a major problem as customers can then not login and it’s a nightmare to delete old account and change new account to the old email address - otherwise we loose subscription billing. I spent over 2 hours on this just the other day “fixing” it.

Has there been any update to this? I’m seeing it as well and would like to know if it has been resolved.