Billing Email overwriting Contact email

Our customers/participant completes a web form before moving to the order form to complete the purchase of our product. The contact email is created when the web form is submitted, but sometimes someone else is using their CC make the actual purchase, entering their email address in the Billing Email and not that of the actual participant. This overwrites the actual participants email address, and now moves forward with the incorrect email address or that of the person that made the payment and not the participant. Help! Need suggestions on how to correct or avoid this situation.

Unfortunately there isn’t a great way to mitigate this - I’ve seen people create a task after the order to manually check this, or I’ve also seen people add a text “warning” to the order form indicating that the email they use should be the one that they want the content delivered to, etc.

But the long and the short of it is that Infusionsoft uses the information from a purchase to update the contact record - period. In certain cases this is exactly what we want, and in other cases it causes big issues. If you haven’t yet, voice this concern to Infusionsoft support so they can add it to their list of reasons to address this.

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