New User - One time Coupon

I want to set up a one time use coupon for new members. How do I go about it?

In Ecommerce → Setup you have a link for “Discounts, Free Trials and Upsells”. Click into that and the upper right drop down allows you to setup product discounts based on order or product that can be used to create a special order page for this purpose.

You can use promo codes under a given set of conditions that will allow discount on the order form.

@Wendy_Leon, there isn’t a native solution to allow a one-time use of a promo code. You’d need to almost have a two step process, where the purchaser would submit their name/email and a 3rd party like PlusThis could check to see whether a purchase tag already exists in the record. If so, they could be redirected to a “I’m sorry…” page.

You also would need to either use a unique product as the system wouldn’t be able to know if they used a promo code or not.

Hi John,

I understand that this is a very old topic, is this feature still available? I don’t see a ‘Setup’ option available in the menu nor have I found anything like the features you have described.


Hi @Joe_Gillespie,

Are you using Infusionsoft or Keap?

I’m using Infusionsoft.

Go to eCommerce->eCommerce Setup (not settings)

That’s strange. I don’t have the E-Commerce Setup option in my application. Do you think this might be because we haven’t set up a merchant account?

We haven’t actually used any E-Commerce features, I’m still doing my research on whether it’s right for us.

If you don’t show it then you’re application level doesn’t include it and you’d have to contact IS about upgrading the account.

Ah right, I understand.

Thanks for the heads-up!