I want existing customers to be able to purchase products in my store. Is there a webinar for setting up this store?

Is there a webinar for creating a storefront. I do not want everyone to access it. Only existing members. Could this be a landing page? Where do I get help on the options for starting ecommerce?

Hi Mari, if you go down the webstore route, anyone who has access to the URL of the webstore will be able to use it, it’s not a locked down members only option.

The best starting point resource is probably: E-Commerce

The problem with e-com setup is that it is so bespoke for each person. What country you are in, are you taxable, etc etc all changes the setup

Hope that at least starts you down the right route



So if you don’t mind my asking one more question.

I’d like to create a sales landing page that I would only give to members.

Do you think that could work?

From what I read, the landing pages is only for obtaining new leads, but it seems to me that it could work for links to products.



Going to ask an odd question, where are you based and are you sales tax chargable. That will change the answers :slight_smile:

New York, New York 10012

In THAT case you might want to look at the checkout pages - see if that works for you (e-com, right hand side, 3rd option down)

See help here

This gives you the landing page with purchase power functionality that might work for you.

Just to re-iterate however - anyone who gets the link will be able to purchase

You COULD put a much higher price on and then give your members a discount code to bring it back to normal - not sure I’m advising that, but it might help you

All the best