ECommerce Webinar Product

Hi, I’m trying to create a product in E-Commerce for a Webinar but the choices are only digital and product. I obviously will be selling online but wondering how create this product so they can have access to it once purchased. I’m using memberium as well on my website. Thanks.

That will depend on what you are using for your webinars. Normally you would sell access to the webinar as a digital product but the information that is relevant to access will vary and the available methods for setting the needed values in custom fields to send through email will also vary. Some webinar platforms have integrations built in for Infusionsoft and other take using Zapier or having a custom integration created for them.

I’m using the Memberium membership site. Will that have the integration? I know you can use a shopping cart in the campaign builder for membership but I’m stuck on creating the product in ecommerce. The digital requires an upload and I don’t know what to upload. Thanks.