Simple 7 day free trial subscription product

I want to offer a subscription product paid for monthly but start off with a 7 day free trial. It’s that simple. Am struggling, as was my IS support person, to get this set up in IS. We double checked the Products area, the Order Form area and the Promotions (Free Trials) area. Not happening yet. Open to ideas.

Hi @Tony_McWilliams

Based on where you checked, I wanted to build a quick video showing how to set something like this up. There is no audio, it is just a quick visual.

I start by making a product for my subscription. I set the subscription price and its monthly bill cycle, and then set this product to subscription only.

Then, I head over to promotions to set up my 7 day trial for this specific subscription.

Then I create a quick orderform with the subscription on it, and view the form to show the subscription with a free trial.

Check out this quick visual of this in action.

*I recommend if you are testing something like this, to view the order-form in a new incognito/private window if you are going back and forth to test things, as caching can cause you to not see promos that you have set up, on checkout, if you have been visiting the order-form multiple times during testing.


Thanks James, While doing the subscription criteria the window did not popup. What might I need to do to alleviate this? Thanks.

Are you stating that when you were in the promotion after saving, the window didn’t pop up when you chose a criteria type of ‘Subscription Plan In Cart.’

If this is the case, you will want to ensure that you are using Chrome or Firefox, and that your browser isn’t blocking pop-up windows for Infusionsoft.

You may want to attempt giving your cache and cookies a full clear and then attempting again, also.

Got it working. Thanks. The form I have created allows for both WePay through IS and PayPal. I have authorization for subscriptions to be processed through PayPal, but is that a good idea? Should I just stick with WePay?

I’d say that if you have subscription processing authorized through pay-pal, you should be fine to use both! Might help sales too, as I know some folk are more apt to pay with online subscriptions for paypal, when they may have to hesitate to put in credit card information. I personally find that checkout with paypal is pretty convenient, in my online shopping adventures.