Order Form Customization - Change text of subscription plan

I am offering a product that has a free 14 day trial, then charges the full amount on day 15. My infusionsoft order form has the following text when listing the subscription: “14 days free, then $199.00 / day for 15 days”. How can I change this to read “14 days free, then one payment of $199.00”, so that it is more clear to my users? The product is set up as a subscription so I can offer the 14 days for free. Here is the link to my form: https://wq270.infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/Edge-for-2-Students. Thanks for suggestions!

I believe you can just setup the product to include a 15 day trial period followed by a onetime payment. If you wish it to be a subscription then set the trial period and then what the subscription would be once the trial period is over.