How To Bill 30 Days from the Time of Purchase

I have an eBook/Audio Program that allows the client to get the Product today, but pay 30 days from the date of purchase. I thought I set this up correctly for the Subscription Cycles, but each time I go to the Order page it asks for the Payment today.

Is there a way to delay Payment for 30 days using the Keap Max Classic Management Console? Or does that need to be done programmatically?




You can set this up as a 'free trial". Instructions are here:


Create a Free Trial Subscription Promotion


](Create a Free Trial Subscription Promotio | Max Classic)

If it is just a one-time payment, you could set up the ‘subscription’ to be for one cycle for the amount due.


Thanks Jeff. I have a hard time seeing how the Upsell would work, given that this would be the original product. I went ahead and went with your second method but it’s not providing what I need to happen.

Can you please look at this screenshot to tell me what I’ve setup incorrectly? I expected to see $0 today but I am seeing $29.97. Thank you for your patience. I will get this!

Ah ha! “Payment Plans” seems to be the thing I was after:

Finance Charge: Fixed Amount: $29.97
Initial Payment: Fixed amount: $0.00
Scheduling: Number of Payments: 1, Days Between Payments: 30, Days Until Start: 0

How do I connect up a “Payment Plan” to a Product? That’s the final piece for me.