Subscription or payment plans

Hi Everyone - I’m trying to create a payment plan for a product as follows:
£697 Product
1st payment of £200 and then 6 monthly payments of £82.83 (£497/6) starting 1 month after 1st instalment.
I’ve been trying to use a purchase product trigger as follows - is this right and the best way (and if so what am I doing wrong?)

  • Created one product as a £200 one off purchase
  • this would then trigger a sequence to start one month later and create an order for the 2nd version of the product which is a £497 subscription only plan.
    I ran a test which seemed to work on the face if it except the 1 month delay timer didn’t work and I was charged for the 1st of the monthly instalments straight away.
    What I don’t know and am not sure how to test is as follows:
  • Should the product price be the total and the product plan be set as the installment amount?
  • Do I have to set 6 z create orders in the sequence or does the subscription setting automatically charge every month?
  • How can I test this to see if its working

Am I doing this the best/right way??
Thanks in advance for any help and hope it makes sense


What you have outlined looks like it should work (initial single product then subscription 30 days later with 6 installments). Not sure why the delay timer wouldn’t work …