Subscription Payment Settings

When you are doing a 12 month plan for say £100 per month including VAT (So £83.33 Ex VAT per month) and a 12 month total of £1,200 incl VAT what price do you put into:

a) The ‘product price’ section in the ‘product information’ tab - is it the monthly (£100) or the annual (£1200) amount?
b) The subscriptions tab in the ‘plan price’ section. Its 1 per month at 12 cycles but is the plan price the monthly or total amount?

Thank you.


Hi Rhys, are you trying to do a product that you can buy outright OR via a payment plan, OR are you trying to have a subscription only?

If you can clarify that then I can advise you on this no problem :slight_smile:


Hi Andy. Thanks for replying. Its a commitment to a years coaching on a plan of 1.5 hrs per month payable on a monthly basis.

I watched a video that Greg sent and it appears that I should avoid subscriptions and click into the payment plan option. Does that sound right?



Actually it depends on what you want to achieve :slight_smile:

So if you want a Buy now at X price but with the OPTION of breaking it up into payments (maybe with a surcharge) then I would go down the payment plan route.

However if it is a subscription, then use subscriptions, nothing wrong with them. Make it subscription only and put in the sub details.

Let me know if you need more details.